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Case studies

University Entrepreneurship Courses


  • Think Education - Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Program

  • Billy Blue College of Design - Social Enterprise Masters level Program

  • Chifley Business School - Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship


12-week courses that explore design, business, and technology along with business models for the 21st century, systems thinking and biomimicry.

Hundreds of products developed in a variety of domains both digital and physical. As an entrepreneurial incubator, several businesses have launched from this program.


Students frequently rate these their best course experience at University


Laureate Universities - Paper Plane Program

Experiment in modular format course design for the adult learner market:


Courses designed in collaboration with employers to customise the learning experience around the skills they are seeking in their potential or current employees.


All courses based on flipped and project-based learning.


  • Future of Work: Wellness in the Workplace - for Haworth Furniture Company

  • Future of Finance: UX design and prototyping project - for BT Finance

  • Future of Retail: crowdsourcing innovation - for Westfield / Scentre Group

  • Future of Marketing with Virtual and Augmented Reality - for Women Love Tech

  • The Power of Storytelling: Future of Marketing & Media

  • Using 3D printing technology to innovate your business - 3D Printing Studio &The Loop

  • Multiplatform storytelling for immersive entertainment experiences - for “The Laps” TV pilot




White Water School & Agency



  • Entrepreneurship and Product Development 

  • Power of Storytelling

  • Exponential Business

  • Experience Design​




Secondary School Programs


Spirit School: Mission and Quest based Curriculums that use storytelling and game design.


Aligned with the NSW State and National Curriculum standards.


Incorporates skills for success in the 21st century: systems thinking, empathy, critical thinking, design, innovation, biomimicry, reflection.

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