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"Jamie is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Not only the most inspirational person I’ve ever had the luck to work with, he brings a totally authentic, trustworthy, diplomatic and energetic attitude to everything he does. Jamie is a talented content creator and an engaging teacher and coach, with an amazing student success rate and the innate ability to customise the learning experience for any student. I’ve been blown away by Jamie’s ability to lead a learning experience in the classroom at Billy Blue College of Design, facilitate transformational experiences within teams in Laureate Education Services Australia and shape a new start-up ‘The Delta Experience’. I honestly can’t recommend Jamie enough for any role, he exceeds in anything he tries due to his diligence and innovative approach. He also knows almost everything there is to know – just quiz him! "


Ailin Bezzo - Content Manager at Laureate Australia




“Jamie's support of the Remarkable startup accelerator program as a startup mentor has been tremendous over the past two years. Remarkable works with disability-focused tech startups and Jamie has been a key mentor to our founders, dedicating his time to deliver masterclasses on pitching and storytelling and also supporting the startups one-on-one. Jamie has built trusted relationships over time with founder teams and understands that powerful mentoring is best done through asking great questions. Remarkable is grateful for the time and support Jamie continues to provide. I would jump at the chance to recommend him as a facilitator, mentor, educator, and entrepreneur.”


Lydia Hascott -

Remarkable Program




Corporate Programs & School Design


"I thought you might appreciate some feedback on the Delta Experience course to date.


Firstly I am quite impressed with the research, thinking and hypothesize the students have put together so far. There are some really good concepts emerging and from my position, I think the course has real traction.


Jamie Engel is doing an amazing job from the setup of the online portal, to the enthusiasm, he engenders in the students. He has a great attention to detail and combined with his empathy makes him a truly remarkable teacher. The content Jamie has downloaded onto the portal is astonishing and he continually updates it often in real time when someone has a good and pertinent reference for the course.


This is proving to be a most valuable experience for the students, for Haworth and for me personally. Thank you for the Delta vision and making it come to life!"


Martin, Haworth Furniture Company Australia




“Is it past halfway already? Overall really enjoying this program - one of the best I've been on in Westpac, and really wish it was longer! Really awesome videos and content which is not only refreshing but extremely valuable as these are really not things we think about day today.”


BT Financial Employee




University Programs in Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise


Thank you Jamie! You truly are an amazing teacher and mentor, I have gained so much from this class that has lifted my confidence and will help me in the future.


One of my proudest moment is starting to overcome shyness.


Social Enterprise has taught me more about the design industry and the outside world in 12 weeks than I have learnt in 3 years


I will use everything I learnt in this course for a wide range of disciplines not just business.


I think it's safe to say I liked every last bit of this course.


This course is light years ahead of my other courses


The content in the course can be used in such a wide variety of environments, it's exciting to know I now have access to such an extensive skill set


Everything! Everything I learnt was of great value to me, I enjoyed opening my mind to different opportunities and possibilities. The videos were inspiring and motivating


Everything I learned in the course has changed the way I think, it’s hard to explain but I totally see things differently now. Like my normal world isn’t the same anymore.


I am very happy to say that this class has been the most amazing class I have ever attended in my life. I loved and enjoyed every single second of it, every video, every reading, every presentation.


As a student, I am able to say that there is nothing more fulfilling than having a passionate teacher with a tremendous desire to teach and learn with the students. The technology era is here to help us have bigger dreams that we can see turn into reality if we are keen enough to work on them.


The way this class was planned is so well thought through, I think in every step the content of the course was well thought and hand-picked to the best possible. Everything was very interesting


I want to say thank you Jamie, this was by far the most amazing class I have ever had. I really wish it did not end, I enjoyed every second of it, you always did everything to maintain the class interesting and I appreciate it so much.


The best thing was probably learning about presenting and making a presentation interesting and visually amazing.


I learnt the most in this subject more than I've learnt in any other subject. Watching all the videos has been so valuable, learnt heaps about marketing and storytelling.


I’m so proud of, Learning completely new skills and info that I never thought I had the brain for!


Thanks again for everything, you honestly really inspired me and I haven't had a teacher in a long time that made me really get so excited over the content we learnt that I had to tell everyone about it, so thank you so much! I have honestly learnt a lot and have been really inspired by your class and the way you teach.




Wow! what an excellent course this has been. A challenge worthy of being my final unit of study and a great way to conceptualise all the skills learnt over the past three years, and turn them into a business with a purpose.


This has been such a great class, Jamie's enthusiasm is very infectious, he brings the best out of everyone in class. He made the subject so much fun and enjoyable. It was a very challenging subject, because the scale of our project is so massive and detailed. He guided us every step of the way, making sure everyone is on the right track, and most importantly progressing each week to be better. The class was so diverse, everyone has their own journey that they choose to follow, and we are always provided with a personal resources that suit each and everyone of us. It feels very satisfying and rewarding every time I reached a milestone, because this project could actually help other people around the world. Time just flies when you're having so much fun, and all of a sudden the class is over. At the end, it feels like we have just began.


Just wanted to say thank you, this subject it has been an eye-opener and such a wonderful experience! :)


What I love about this class is that it keeps on going, it doesn't feel like you're attending a class each week, but through "Slack" and "Neutopia" everyone is constantly sharing information, and there's always videos to watch, ideas kept being fed to us.


The supplements generously shared through the playlist have been a strong influence and encouragement. The task of writing down a comment played secondary to really see the engagement in the process. Every single video which was carefully handpicked created a holistic approach to learning design, idea generation and self-empowerment. That had a stirred up a lot of enthusiasm in me since those were important tools that I am very grateful to be given that will be a reference to future endeavours.


It is a platform for me to learn, explore and widen my reach in 3 hours. I always feel like I have eaten a massive bowl of Nutella gelato after Jamie’s class, happy and content. The exchange of ideas is the core of this class. As we all come from different design specialties and backgrounds it becomes so much more interesting to understand outcomes and solutions from different perspectives.


I believe I have expanded my reach by viewing the videos on Neutopia, which is an incredible platform for collaborative learning. Neutopia is the curated world wide web for you. Things, which are impossible to find on search engines, which I never knew about, are now just a click away. It is easy to say, “you can goggle it” not so much in actuality. Today the content available online is unimaginable and exhausting. Neutopia is like a sieve where everything is handpicked.


In the time of this class so far I feel as though I have learnt so much about things I had no knowledge on before. I love the focus on entrepreneurial thinking and creating a business for yourself rather than working for someone else. Learning about how to think of new ideas for products, apps, websites and more has been so amazing a useful, I think I’ve gained a lot of insight into the process of creating and how to make your ideas into a reality. Also learning about future technology and how that comes into everything.


This class has really been quite different to what I expected it to be like, I’ve found that I have actually learnt so much more than I expected, not just in what the class was predominantly about (problem solving, solutions and product development) but also in so many other aspects of life through some of the playlist videos. My favourite playlist being “the art of being yourself” which just contained the one talk by Caroline McHugh.


Ultimately, I am motivated to implement what I’ve learnt into my daily life, which I personally believe is the purpose of learning, and the biggest asset I could’ve walked away with from this course. This motivation to implement learning is often unachieved in most cases at University and I think my success in this measure is undoubtedly due to Jamie’s guidance and passion for teaching.


This course is like the futuristic course for students. It opened up a whole new world of learning. A world where you are directly fed lessons but then left independently to learn them. With Jamie it’s an interactive online tutorial where everybody shares with the group and not only does Jamie give us valuable feedback but your peers also.


The way the course is delivered, the way Jamie taught us, made it feel like we were all equal, it allowed me finally be able to share my thoughts and ideas in a safe space after feeling so anxious and nervous.







Adult Learning Programs & School Design


Future of Work - Haworth Furniture Company


First up. Love Love Love the course. It's one of the best educational experiences i've had.


The playlists on Neutopia are excellent. I had spent maybe the last 8 months slowly finding stuff relevant to design thinking and designing in general. I can honestly say i nearly gave up. But this is the best of the best that's out there, condensed into relevant chunks, backed by research and with backup additional research info. It's almost like zooming in then out then back in again. Or you have the option to focus on something intensely and dig deep


This is great for someone like me who wants to move into this field. You need a broad overview of innovation and disruption but then you need to be able to use the tools and the methods also.


There is an awesome mix of talks, lectures, hacks and case studies as well as some brilliant writing from industry leaders. I have to say I love the mix. The videos are great but the pdfs and case studies are such a good back up too. I'm a reader and find i've been saving the readable content on my phone so i can read up while commuting. I think this really makes the course immersive for me. Also it's a very flexible way of providing the content which i love. I look forward to the next playlist every week. Not only do we have that we also have additional research material to delve deeper and not only that if something comes up in class or on slack Jamie jumps in and adds something new that maybe relevant to just me! just fantastic.



I have to say i really enjoy meeting people face to face. Although the course is only six weeks i feel the social component to learning is important to me. I always feel welcome and heard and jamie has expertly given us all the feeling that we are a working group and all ideas, comments, thoughts and questions are relevant and important. The environment is timely and open and fun.



The great aspect to this for me is almost constant communication with Jamie. Throughout the week i can ask any question on slack and jamie will jump in and answer almost immediately. This gives me a sense of total support and mentorship which is so so valuable. I think it feels less like teaching and more like mentorship or guidance. Jamie has really taught us all how to be open to new ideas and to let go of the feeling of failure. Which is so important to the process. Great teacher. So inspiring and enthusiastic about the material you can't help but get caught up in the infinite possibilities. Great vibe in the class, I think we're all very grateful to be part of this. I also really like the coaching part of this. I haven't done my 1 on 1 yet but the gallup skills assessment and having sarah to talk through is so important for someone like me that wants to switch roles.


Any student would be privileged to have Jamie as a mentor, he makes you feel like anything is possible.  


Everyone attitudes were so encouraging and supportive, I honestly think that is because of the tone Jamie set.


Jamie has a very relaxed engaging style of teaching. He immediately puts you at ease and you feel comfortable contributing to discussions. He has vast extensive knowledge on the subject matters and really knows how to engage the class both physically and in an online environment.




3D Printing to Innovate your Business


Jamie is always very supportive to everyone's suggestions and ideas. He's very open minded to new ways of thinking and rather than persuade us to think a certain way, he encouraged us to explore further or think of ways to refine our ideas


Jamie has great energy is getting everyone to participate in all the activities both in class and online.


Jamie was a great project sponsor. He was available outside of class hours and was genuinely interested and  excited by our ideas. His enthusiasm and breadth of knowledge makes him one of the best teachers I've ever had. I have really enjoyed learning from him.


One of the best sessions throughout the 6 weeks was the round-table feedback session with the group after we all got our first 3D prints. Jamie facilitated that discussion and it was a positive experience for everyone to hear constructive criticism from the group.


Jamie was a great project sponsor. He was available outside of class hours and was genuinely interested and  excited by our ideas. His enthusiasm and breadth of knowledge makes him one of the best teachers I've ever had. I have really enjoyed learning from him


It's evident that Jamie's passion and undying curiosity push him to learn more about 3D printing and its future. His curation of playlists prove his expertise as he always finds content about 3D printing, its development and impact on various industries.


I felt like Jamie expressed a personal interest into everyone to help us all with our individual ideas


He is a walking textbook


I found his content inspiring and  empowering


Jamie was incredibly enthusiastic about everyone's ideas. There was no no-go area, no idea squashing. And he was there with info for us on EVERYTHING.


Any student would be privileged to have Jamie as a mentor, he makes you feel like anything is possible.  


Everyone attitudes were so encouraging and supportive, I honestly think that is because of the tone Jamie set.


Jamie knows where to look for any information


Jamie went above and beyond the call of duty. He was available over slack after work and very quick to respond with insightful answers. He lead the class well and was very engaging and supportive. I felt very comfortable sharing my ideas with Jamie and took onboard everything he said.


Jamie has a very relaxed engaging style of teaching. He immediately puts you at ease and you feel comfortable contributing to discussions. He has vast extensive knowledge on the subject matters and really knows how to engage the class both physically and in an online environment.


Handled everything perfectly. Knew how to delegate to 3d sponsor and knew when to step in and lead discussions. Great leadership skills in keeping everything running smoothly even the print schedule and print with such a tight printing schedule and the unpredictable nature of 3d printers.


World class curated playlist and articles. Very engaging discussions about the business model aspect of the course. All questions were answered in depth and taken even further with related topics encompassing the innovations in technology and the future of manufacturing and working.


Yeah, would just totally recommend him. He is a fountain of knowledge


He knew what he was talking about, and, I felt, encourage development by allowing incubation time and space


Jamie was a great sponsor and very engaged in the content and the journey of each group. He could quickly guide you down a path you needed to go down or find out information that may help


He is a goldmine of knowledge and gets the group excited


Always prepared, engaged, helpful, on time and caring

Jamie has a very broad knowledge base and a love of lifelong learning so if he doesn't know something he finds out about it


Jamie was always close answering queries on Slack within hours if not immediately. Always inspiring.





The Future of Retail and the Power of Storytelling


Always responded to messages on Slack very promptly

Always gave great feedback


He knew his stuff and shared loads of great content and ideas

Jamie was very helpful in supporting us when it came to writing our scripts and when it came to discussing the topics throughout the project.


He gave great feedback and encouraged a discussion with the team, which was very insightful.


I love the fact that he takes the initiative to add more exercises and videos to discuss on the activities that we do.


He's great at discussing issues as I feel that he knows his stuff.


Jamie was there for us during all the way. He was always available to answer our questions and review our work.


Jamie was very organised with the group and he motivated us to achieve the project's goals.


He was able to contribute his expertise on storytelling and he provided us with useful resources to learn.


I did scriptwriting classes during my undergrad; perhaps, it was the pressure of trying to get assignments done on time or wanting to be top of the class. However, the content and delivery that Jamie approached with cultivated my appreciation for the craft.


The teaching environment felt that I could let go of any expectation of the end result and allow myself to truly enjoy the process of creating. I'm incredibly thankful for the experience because it's something that I've struggled with undergrad and postgrad writing courses.


Jamie's approach to facilitating the workshops felt natural and the way learning should be. There were moments that I felt challenged by the exercises, but that's just part of the concept of learning. I almost had culture shock going back to uni this semester; because it's not everyday that you're involved in a course with people who are all highly motivated but also the facilitator is talking to you -- not at you.  Can I just sit in on all his classes, please?


Jamie was very knowledgeable on the subject and had the skills to teach concepts while encouraging the learners to experience them personally. He provided good frames of reference and made the information clear and concise.


Jamie has a great knowledge base in storytelling and narrative structure. He has a good way of communicating these and he has an in-depth understanding of the ideas and facts that underpin these subjects. He is able to communicate clearly and empathetically which is valuable as a mentor.


Jamie was both informative and helpful blended with a laid-back attitude. He definitely knows his stuff.


Always willing to go the extra mile, spend extra time etc.


It was one great class with one kindest professor I have ever come across. Cheers!





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