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Founder & CEO Neutopia | Future of Learning | Future of Work | Thoughtful Leadership | Social Impact | Society Design

Jamie is CEO and founder of Neutopia, an education platform that supports the world’s transition to connected ways of learning and unites the people and ideas that are moving humanity forward.


Jamie is an experienced and passionate keynote speaker, educator and learning designer. Nicknamed ‘Joogle’ for his love of knowledge, he believes lifelong learning can and must be dynamic, joyful and inspiring. Jamie is committed to transforming education and the integration of ancient wisdom and innovation for social good. 


Some popular topics include:

  • Social enterprise

  • Future of education

  • Entrepreneurship 

  • Company culture

  • Design thinking for business

  • New organizational management

  • Future of work

  • VR technology

  • Storytelling

  • Multi-platform experience design

  • UX

  • Game mechanics

  • Behaviour design

  • Future of retail

  • Systems thinking


Past keynote events

  • The Hero's Journey, CanTeen Youth Leadership Festival 2019

  • Future of Work and LearningStarting Good Summit 2019

  • Culture and Society Design Framework – Workshop for ConsultantsDeloitte 2018

  • How to Create an Edutech StartupSparkfest 2018

  • How to Spark Intrinsic Motivation and Curiosity in LearningSydney School of Entrepreneurship 2018

  • The future of VR interface designPausefest 2017

  • The future of design and technologyAcademy XI 2016

  • The future of work and biophilic design, Academy XI 2016

  • Our digital futures: What does it mean to be a human in the digital age? Linkfest 2016

  • The future of eductionVivid Festival

  • Creative Entrepreneurship, Vivid Festival


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