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We assist in creating engaging, exciting and impactful courses that are relevant, productive and deliver real value.

We specialize in designing custom courses for:


  • Universities at the undergraduate and masters level

  • Secondary school programs

  • Corporate & Enterprise

  • Executives

  • Experts and Authors






Types of programs include:


  • Workshops on innovation & intrapreneurship

  • Internal hackathons and for crowdsourcing ideas

  • Entrepreneurship accelerator and incubator programs

  • External facing corporate academies

  • Innovative secondary school programs

  • Project-based learning


Topics include:



  • Future of Work  ​​​

  • Exponential Technologies​​

  • Product Management​​

  • Power of Storytelling for empowered Leadership & Communication

  • Neuroscience

  • Game Design

  • Behaviour Design

  • Mental models and heuristics

  • Systems thinking

  • Circular and Blue Economy Principles

  • Future of Education

  • Growth Mindset

  • Wisdom and philosophy


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