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Why can't a course be a thrilling experience like a movie or a fantastic book?

 Jamie Engel Consulting


Assisting in the evolution of education to engaging, meaningful, & transformative lifelong learning


Cutting edge course design that employs techniques from storytelling and game design


Exploring new possibilities for learning in the 21st century that embrace

enduring philosophical wisdom, enhance emotional self-awareness and harness emerging technologies such as immersive VR experiences for education

"Somehow this course combined an MBA, an incubator, a life coaching course and deep learning /  curiosity course into one bite sized 12 week masterpiece."


- University Student

We love to work with
  • Schools & Universities

  • Corporate Enterprise Learning Programs

  • Learning Networks & Global Summits

  • Authors, Speakers, & Expert Facilitators

"This course is light years ahead of my other courses"


- University Student

" technologies, platform thinking, design thinking, UX design, storytelling, behavioral sciences, education reform, social innovation, entrepreneurial leadership.  The list goes on... all of it is just simply brilliant."

University Student



To accelerate the transition to holistic, evolutionary, and enjoyable lifelong education


Providing platforms, programs & places for the emergence of new types of learning experiences that support the expanding consciousness of our societies, communities, institutions, and schools in the 21st century.

"Really enjoying this program - one of the best I've been on in Westpac, and really wish it was longer! Awesome videos and content which is not only refreshing but extremely valuable as these are really not things we think about day to day.”


-Westpac / BT Financial Employee



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