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University Programs


  • Think Education - Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Program

  • Billy Blue College of Design - Social Enterprise Masters level Program

  • Chifley Business School - Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship


Independent Schools


  • White Water School

    • Entrepreneurship and Product Development 

    • Power of Storytelling

    • Exponential Business

    • Experience Design



Secondary School Programs


  • Spirit School: Mission and Quest based Curriculums


Game-Based Learning Experiences



Online Summits


  • People’s Voice Summit: Conscious Entrepreneurship & Whole Hearted Living






Laureate Universities - Paper Plane Program

Experiment in modular format course design for adult learner market:


Courses designed in collaboration with employers to customise the learning experience around the skills they are seeking in their potential or current employees.


All courses based on flipped and project-based learning.


  • Future of Work: Wellness in the Workplace - for Haworth Furniture Company

  • Future of Finance: UX design and prototyping project - for BT Finance

  • Future of Retail: crowdsourcing innovation - for Westfield / Scentre Group

  • Future of Marketing with Virtual and Augmented Reality - for Women Love Tech

  • The Power of Storytelling: Future of Marketing & Media

  • Using 3D printing technology to innovate your business - 3D Printing Studio & The Loop

  • Multiplatform storytelling for immersive entertainment experiences - for “The Laps” TV pilot













Facilitation rather than lectures. The ability and skills to provide a psychologically safe space to learn that empowers discovery and agency.


Course design


The use of storytelling and game design techniques that make the course engaging and stimulate curiosity, and an emotional journey that can be both challenging and fun.


Platform design


Use of a platform that supports self-directed and personalized learning ideal for project-based and flipped classroom style courses. By automating many key tasks it leaves the facilitator more time to work more deeply with learners.


We focus on the learning experience on 3 levels:

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